How to get the Crown Hat on Platform Racing 2

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

All the newbies on Platform Racing 2 don’t know how to get the Crown Hat. Just open up a new tab, go to and search in Folding at Home (F@H). Download F@H and get 5,000 points. It wont take a million years to get 5,000 points. Blah blah blah and stuff get 5,000 points blah blah blah there you have a Crown Hat. Check here down there for +3 ranks, Crown Hat, and Cowboy Hat.

1,000 points = +3 ranks

5,000 points = Crown Hat

100,000 points = Cowboy Hat

Any questions? No? Okay!

P.S I dare you to try to get 100,000 points. 😀



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