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Planet Cazmo has been boring for… let’s say a billion years (not really you know what I mean). There’s no more special events and no more exciting news so I decided to not Cazmo Post anymore. I’m not trying to hurt Planet Cazmo’s feelings but ya know… I just don’t want it on my blog anymore. I have one more thing to say. Planet Cazmo has added alien invasions  in people’s yards. If you see a sign the says: (name)’s house is under attack by aliens! or something like that, sure, do it, it’ll refill your energy. If you have any questions or stuff about this post, then comment.



Hello there! KahKole/Nachoz77  is here with not that much of important news. If you see a level on PR2 that says “Free crown” or “Free Top Hat” or “Free cowboy Hat”, play or read the description and see if it has the words: PM, me, your, password. If it does, quickly tell a mod, tell your friend to tell a mod, or tell anyone on PR2. You can’t just ignore it or tell the person who made the level your password! If you do that, you’re just messed up!


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A bunch of cheese lovers love this game. Transformice is where you can chat with friends, add people to your friends list, make or join a tribe, and much more awesome stuff! Transformice is a great game to play. Now on to colors. Colors? What do colors have to do with Transformice? Map Editor. You can now draw in the Map Editor on Transformice! click on that link and check out the art maps!

As Hard as I Can

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Listen, I know it’s almost summer and I haven’t posted ANYTHING for the past 13 days. I’m trying as hard as I can to find cheats, glitches, and other exiting news but I’ll post as many posts as I can during summer or in May. I will probably make less posts than I did in March in April, this month. You probably don’t get what I am typing but I’ll just try my best to post more.

Now you see, PR2 has something weird about the controls on April Fools Day. As you can see, this joke had to be over. On April Fools, the controls are opposite on PR2.

Left arrow key = going right

Right arrow key = going left

Pretty weird right? But jumping up and down is regular and normal on April Fools. I got a cheat how to stop the opposite controls! Go and change your stupid date on your computer/laptop! Now the controls are back to normal. I changed mine to April 4th :D. I had something to say but I forgot so yeah.