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There’s a new game on OurWorld!It’s called Diepix Arena 2! It’s about a fast-paced shooter!


Some Club Penguin Codes

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D23EXP11 – green and yellow hood

DSKYRIDE – blue track jacket

UFOANZUG – alien suit

UFOMASKE – alien mask

FreeHood – lavender and blue hood

MMCODE12 – guitar shirt

MMCODE11 – 500 coins

MMCODE13 – 2500 coins

Pumpkin1 – pumpkin head

EPFAGENT – green spy hat

Together – 500 coins

BigWhite – 500 coins

Shrimp64 – 500 coins

JUNNLR11 – 500 coins

DECNLR10 – 500 coins

HPHONES1 – green headphones

I hoped these codes helped! If I forgot any other code please tell me! 🙂 ~Kahkole/Nachoz 77

The mystery code is sndgames so stop asking everybody.

Pokemon Tower Defense

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Wahoo! I better make this quick cause I got to go soon. Okay, as you can see I’m gonna add a new game to this site (or you know what I mean) It’s called Pokemon Tower Defense (PTD) and I love this game and I’ll here is the like to it. oh yeah I also forgot to say something. PTD is down right now but I heard it’ll be back up in 1-3 more weeks so yeah. If you have any questions or comments tell me so yeah thanks! The link to PTD is now thanks to yoramelsinga12 who commented about it and also it is summer and I will make as many posts I can. I don’t know if that made sense but OK.

New Theme!

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Anything different? Yes there is. A new theme! 😀 If the peoples don’t like it I’ll change it back to Grayzed. If you have any questions or comments,please, please, comment.

The Panic Page: About It

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The Panic Page where you can panic! Well I… I forgot what else I was gonna type. Well, cya!

The Panic Page!

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A new page has been added! It’s called the Panic Page! CLICK IT NOW OR DIE!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ˙oloʎ ǝsnɐɔq