New Theme!

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Anything different? Yes there is. A new theme! 😀 If the peoples don’t like it I’ll change it back to Grayzed. If you have any questions or comments,please, please, comment.


The Panic Page: About It

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The Panic Page where you can panic! Well I… I forgot what else I was gonna type. Well, cya!

The Panic Page!

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A new page has been added! It’s called the Panic Page! CLICK IT NOW OR DIE!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ˙oloʎ ǝsnɐɔq

Transformice: Cake Hat

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Type in: /atelier801 to get the cake hat. Hope that helps. :3

Sorry to Keep You Waiting

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Sorry to keep you waiting for more gem codes for OurWorld. Well, here they are!

Facebook Code: D670-2A08-7209-1979

Toolbar Code: D70E-35FD-CC03-635A

Monthly Code: No code to see here!

So yeah. I hope you like the “Big Letters”!

Sorry but I’m sorry that I’m sorry because I’m sorry that I wont be posting anything until summer. Well, it isn’t summer right now and this is a post. Yeah now I know no more viewers will not go on this until summer cause I’m doing an all-week posting this summer. Now I will be doing my dewies (I made up that word it means: A thing to say when you’re bored on a game or website). So yeah, I will be doing my dewies.

Planet Cazmo has been boring for… let’s say a billion years (not really you know what I mean). There’s no more special events and no more exciting news so I decided to not Cazmo Post anymore. I’m not trying to hurt Planet Cazmo’s feelings but ya know… I just don’t want it on my blog anymore. I have one more thing to say. Planet Cazmo has added alien invasions  in people’s yards. If you see a sign the says: (name)’s house is under attack by aliens! or something like that, sure, do it, it’ll refill your energy. If you have any questions or stuff about this post, then comment.